Three Salads and a Workout

Happy Thursday!  I am on countdown mode (8 days!) to summer.  We are starting our balloon pop tomorrow where we can earn fun activities for each day of the last week of school.  This is my way to hopefully get kids to continue to listen to me, ha!  We will see how it works out…

Anyway, I have been loving salads lately.  I always have liked salads, but I really am craving them recently.  I wanted to share a few salad ideas with you, in case you love salads as much as me and need some new ideas to mix things up!


This salad included romaine, cheddar cheese, blueberries, chickpeas, pickles and tomatoes.  I also added chicken meatballs for some protein!  I used greek dressing for this one, because you can’t forget the dressing people!


This salad happens to be todays lunch and it has romaine lettuce, carrots, pickles, red peppers and baked salsa chicken.  I have italian dressing today for this one and I am loving having chicken ready to go in the fridge to make things easier!


One of my favorite salads is this salad.  I love steak!  This one included romaine, mixed tomatoes, peppers, pickles, croutons and grilled steak with greek dressing.  When I make salads, I usually try and add at least 3-4 toppings.  YUM!

I also had a really great workout on Tuesday that had me sweating!


I did a circuit workout that included 2.5 miles on the treadmill and weights.  It was a good one!

Have a great day!

xo Amber

Chelsea’s Bachelorette Weekend!

Well hello there!  It has been a long 10 days since we last talked, and I have a lot to say!  I have spent the last two weeks gearing up for my best friends wedding, and it could not have been any more perfect.  I am going to break up some posts (wedding, food lately, etc.) so today you are going to get a bachelorette weekend recap!

It all started on Memorial Day weekend when 18 girls headed to Newport, RI for the weekend!  We drove up early Saturday, and decorated the house before the bride arrived!


The weekend was a nautical themed, and we hung cute decor all over the house we rented!  The maid of honor, Kristina did an awesome job at making everyone (yes, all 18 of us) welcome bags.


Chelsea arrived and we quickly got ready for some time at the beach while we all caught up!


It was a little chilly, but the beach was still pretty!  We brought some beers and snacks and hung around talking for a while!


Once we got back to the house, we ordered some pizza for dinner and got ready for our first night out!  Chelsea wanted us all to wear black (she wore white!)  We had nautical themed jello shots too!


It was hard to take pictures of 18 girls at once, so I don’t have many….but I have a lot of my closest UNH friends.  Chelsea was my college roommate and we have been best friends for a while now.


It was so nice to have the girls all there celebrating Chelsea (we missed you Christie!)  It felt like old times and I know Chelsea felt like it too!


It was a really fun and late night and we spent it dancing away and singing!  It was really the perfect first night!

The second day was jam packed, so I am thankful that I woke up feeling good!  We had plans to get ready and head to a winery for a tasting…We all had cute shirts to wear that said “crew” and tattoos!


Oh yeah, and bloody mary’s.  Always.


Thanks to Paige for letting me photograph your arm, mine got all messed up after I stuck a dry paper towel to it, ha!

The winery was absolutely beautiful and it was SO nice out!


We went to Greenvale Vineyards and they were so accommodating with all of us.  Our host made it so fun, and we got such a kick out of her and how she would pour herself some wine each time she tried a new bottle!


After the tasting, we got to buy some bottles and picnic by the vineyard and enjoy the weather.  It was amazing!

We stopped for sandwiches on our way home for lunch, as we had late dinner plans.  Once we freshened up, we changed to head into town for a sailboat cruise!  The weather did not work in our favor, but it was still a blast!


As soon as we got off shore, it was raining and we all got soaked.  BUT, we had unlimited beer and champagne, so we were completely fine (if you know what I mean!)

Despite the rain, it was a blast!


When we got back on shore, it was really raining and since we were already wet…we didn’t care!  We headed to dinner at a local Mexican spot and got seated at our 9PM reservation!


It was a great night, but after a long day and lots of food…most of us headed home to call it a night!

It was the most fabulous weekend celebrating the most amazing friend!

Chelsea’s wedding recap will be soon, I promise!

xo Amber






Friday Favorites!

Hey there, and happy Friday!  I took a sick day today to spend the day with Marc before I head off for a Bachelorette Party this weekend!  It’s going to be a fun weekend ahead 🙂  It also happens to be our 7 year anniversary, so we wanted to be sure to spend some time together and celebrate before I leave!

I haven’t featured a Friday Favorites post in a while, so I wanted to be sure to share some things that are making me excited recently with you all!  Let’s get started!

  1. Zucchini noodles or otherwise known as zoodles.  I have perfected making these things and I am recently obsessed!


2. K-Cups.  When I was home a month or so ago visiting my parents, I picked up this large box of random K-Cups from the Christmas Tree Shops and they are still going strong!


3. In honor of Marc and I’s 7 year anniversary tomorrow, here is a throwback picture of us from our graduation party 7 years ago!  I love this picture of us!


4. School is almost out (16 days left!) and my students are working hard to get everything completed for our last family breakfast share!  Here are their poetry book covers!


5. Running.  I have been trying to get in more runs recently, and I knocked off 4 miles this week during one run around the Charles River.  I am hoping to run more this summer!


6. Larabars.  I am and have always been obsessed with this bad boys.  I wish I had an unlimited supply at my finger tips, always.


Well, there you go!  I hope you have fun Memorial Day plans and I will be back after the long weekend with a Bachelorette recap!

xo Amber

Weekend Highlights

Happy Monday!  Another week, another weekend highlight post.  It was a great weekend with a mixture of both fun and relaxing.  These kinds of weekends are the best!

I met my friend Paige out on Friday night for a beer, and we talked for a while outside on the roof deck of Tony C’s (formally known as Jerry Remys.)  She was meeting a friend out after the game, so I kept her company for a bit.  Marc and I called it a night and were in bed by 11PM….

On Saturday, we woke up and headed to the gym!  I am so thankful for Marc pushing me into going, because I rarely have gym motivation on the weekends (weird, right?)


I did a mixture of abs and arms (holy soreness!) and was able to use my gyms group exercise room since no one was using it.  Score!  After, we headed home for some brunch and coffee!

IMG_0853Not too much later, I was hungry again!  I whipped up a big salad with random left overs from the fridge.  I topped it off with Harvest Snaps, which I am loving lately!  I also love this Panera salad dressing (found this one at target) and have been putting it on everything!


I must say, ground beef on a salad is not that great when cooked plain…but the salad dressing helped with some added flavor 🙂


Later on Saturday night, our friends Caitlyn and Nate came over!  We had such a fun night and ended up staying in because we were having too much fun.  It has been a busy month, so we haven’t seen them much.  I am glad we got to catch up, I miss them!


After a late Saturday night, we woke up around 9AM on Sunday which was a nice change of pace.  Bradley was ready bright and early for his walk!


It was an overcast day in the city, and we took advantage of it and went for a nice long walk!  They just planted some new flower boxes close to our building, and they are quite pretty!


After our walk, I whipped up breakfast.  I made one friend egg, avocado and red pepper flake toast with a side of cantaloupe.  YUM!


A little while later, I made another big left over salad.  I am hoping to eat lots of salads this week!  Let’s see how that goes…

I did all the usual Sunday things like grocery shopping and laundry and I feel prepared for the week!  The rest of Sunday was spent on the couch with this little one…


Have a great Monday!

xo Amber


Grocery Haul

Hi friends, and happy Sunday.  This weekend flew by (it was a good one!) and I got plenty of rest and relaxation.  I have been experimenting without “meal planning” these last couple of weeks and so far it has been pretty okay.  I am making healthy choices and am liking the flexibility of grabbing whatever healthy food is left in the fridge for meals.

I did some food shopping today, so let’s see what I grabbed at Star Market for the week.


For meats, I got chicken meatballs, boneless pork ribs, chicken breasts and thin sliced chicken.  I will probably cook all the chicken breasts tomorrow and use the leftovers for lunches for the week!  I also haven’t had these chicken meatballs yet, so I am excited to try them out!


For dairy and grocery items, I picked up eggs, cheese, larabars, pasta sauce, hummus, peanut butter, light mayo, chickpeas, salad dressing, harvest snaps (new favorite salad topping!) and triscuts.


And for the large produce haul, it included: bananas, sweet potato, tomatoes, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, frozen and fresh broccoli, carrots, peppers, green beans, and brussels sprouts.  I am trying to eat really clean this week, so I grabbed so many fruit and veggie options this week!

I think there will be lots of salads this week as well as simple meat and veggie meals!

I hope your weekend was nice!

xo Amber